Black hat SEO – You Should Try to Avoid


The name was likely chosen in accordance with the classic scenario in old Western films, in which two cowboys, agree to a duel, too. The villain wears a black hat, whereas the descend cowboy by a white hat is marked. The exemplary activities in the context of search engine optimization based in designation on this image, by they are described as white has SEO. All SEO activities, moving between these two Poland can be dubbed as grey has SEO.

The black hat SEO so include all practices like buy cheap traffic, creating spam links within the search engine optimization (SEO), in which a violation of policies by search engine providers such as Google, Yahoo! or Bing is versed to achieve a better ranking within the results lists.

Black hat SEO and spam practices

Basically, search engine optimization aims to let the website vine better in organic search results, generate so a better PageRank and get more traffic. Black hat SEO quasi represents an exaggeration of this effort and characterized by the use of intense spam practices and techniques about the use of doorway pages, Russians links, cloaking, or redirects. So, for example, an entire network is created within the black hat SEO about what backlinks on the content which is relevant pages and improves the ranking.

Such practices are not desired by the search engines anyway, because they attract natural links, on the basis of good quality, as a ranking criterion. Websites who heavily rely on black hat SEO, must so quite expect to be excluded from the indices of various search engines, such as, for example, from the Google index.

The White has SEO is the opposite of black is SEO. White is because here the policies of search engines such as Google are respected and fully distance is taken from the mentioned spam practices. The transitions from white has SEO, about grey has SEO to black hat SEO are often blurred, because also so-called white hats and to access one or the other trick, otherwise but always follow the search engine guidelines.

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